Wall Mounted Blower Rheostat

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Jul 17, 2023
Sparks, NV

My stove is a Hearthstone Mansfield 8012 with the factory blower that has a rheostat built into the cord. If possible I would like to be able to adjust the fan speed from the wall switch instead of reaching behind the stove to access the factory rheostat.

I have an outlet behind the stove that has a switched outlet and a consistently hot outlet. Can I use another rheostat on the wall and simply leave the one on the fan in the high position? Would a light dimmer switch work for this (probably not)

I found this product and it seems like it would work but I am not sure if having 2 rheostats will work?
https://fireplaceblowersonline.com/...oller-cover-plate/?revpage=2 #product-reviews

Something like this may work if the cord control is in the max (high) position.
Thank you, I think Ill order it and wire it up and test it before I actually install the stove.
If access is good and you are electrically safe and savvy, it might be worth rigging up a test cord that eliminates the stock cord switch. I'm uncertain if the stove blower speed control passes clean AC when in the Max position.
Thanks, I think I could do that. I was contemplating removing the factory switch from the blower cord altogether so that a wall rheostat would work
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