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    Can you advise if Locke Stove Company, formerly of Kansas City, Mo, is still is business and makes the Warm Morning Wood-Burning Deluxe Circulator. If so, can you provide phone number or e-mail address? If not, can you advise any source for parts. I need grates for a model 701 Warm Morning. Thanks for any info.


    Warm Morning was a trade name for some of the heaters made and sold by the now defunct Locke Stove Company. The company made wood, coal, gas and oil heaters. To my knowledge, this company went out of business decades ago, although some models and parts were still made by Martin Industries, another stove manufacturer. However, they too went bankrupt (2002, approx.) so there is no official manufacturers nor parts supplier. However, it may be possible to find some parts for these by checking the web sites of parts suppliers on our Parts Place (web link below).
    Note, this link shows pictures of some Warm Morning Models:

    Link: The Hearth.com Parts Place Web Page
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