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shayneyasinski Posted By shayneyasinski, Feb 13, 2008 at 7:13 AM

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  1. shayneyasinski

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    Feb 12, 2008
    I have a cozeburn 250 and I love and hate it.
    I am having issues with getting wood and that is a bad place to be as I never thought getting wood was going to be the hard part of this new way of heating .
    anyway I am looking at adding a waste oil boiler in a small outbuilding to add to the demand of greenhouse growing season and also I seem to be able to get used oil with no problems.
    my boiler says it has a btu output of 250000 btu and I can list alot of reasons that I don't think it putsout this number .
    the oil burner I am looking at says 150000btu and that is more likly as the fuel is always oil and motor oil and veggie oil don't vary in quality like wood does.
    my setup would take the cold return from my house loop and run it through a 60 to 100 plate exchanger back into the cold return of the woodboiler .
    the oil boiler runs at 230 and my wood boiler at 180 so I would be using the wood unit as a holding tank and I would run wood in the warmer seasons and the oil in times when I am away for a few days or when I need alot of heat for the greenhouse and house in cold weather .
    hooking them up is not a problem but deciding on a waste oil boiler is..
    what is a good unit ???
    thanks for the input

  2. Nofossil

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    Oct 4, 2007
    Addison County, Vermont
    I don't know anything about waste oil boilers, though I've seen one in action - seems to work.

    Sounds like you're planning on plumbing them in series. There are a few threads that talk about this. In my opinion, not the best approach. You'll certainly have additional heat loss up the flue of the inactive boiler.
  3. guy01

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    Dec 16, 2007
    northern PA
    Here's a way to avoid plumbing two seperate units<but since you already have a wood burner it may be cost prohibitive
  4. Rickard

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    Feb 10, 2008
    Western NJ
    I've been running a waste vegetable burner for over two years now. I won't go near waste motor oil because of the high pollution levels they generate. Veggie oil isn't clean like these gasification burners but they do have a net zero CO2 impact and do not contain the chemical additives that waste motor oil does.

    I am in the process of combining a gasification burner to my (hopefully seldom used) veggie burner. The veggie burner uses about $500 per year to run the preheater and compressor and wood would cost only a little more than that( split and delivered). Plus if I need it, there is enough fallen wood on my property to supply me each year.

    Collecting the oil has become tiresome for me as has the maintenance and cleaning. I've been burning wood for 5 years in a Jotul Oslo and it works great. I am hoping that my new Biomax 40 will be an even better experience.

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