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Nov 20, 2021
So a few weeks ago after initial start up for the year I wasn't get much heat through my heat exchanger. I figured I had a clog in it since I have spring water and have replaced multiple plumbing fittings for the actual water supply lines for my house, not the boiler. I hadn't tested my water since the year after installation. It was installed in 2013. I've never had to add water so in my mind nothing's changed so it should all be the same. Anyway I broke out the test kit. The pH was at 9. Went to test the nitrates and the solutions evaporated, leaked, or hardened. That led me to order a new test kit. While waiting on the shipping I contacted the dealer. We went over things that it could be. He also told me that Central Boiler has discontinued the chemical treatment that was used in my boiler. They now recommend Molyarmour. So I had him go ahead and send me some. Anyway a clog was not the problem and the test kit came in. Tested the water with the new test kit. The pH was still at 9. I counted 50 drops for the nitrate test. So if I'm understanding right, that puts the water at 2,000 ppm which is in between where it's supposed to be. So now I am wondering should I even change over to the new stuff? The original is still going strong after 8 years. What's your thoughts?

This was the first problem I've ever had with the boiler. Turned out being the thermostatic valve. Replaced the thermostat in it with a brand new one and still wouldn't work. So I just took it out of the loop. Central Boiler 6048 is what I have for anyone wondering.

E Yoder

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Jan 27, 2017
Floyd, VA
I dunno.
Maybe crack the drain and see if it's got sludge. If all is clean I'd keep rolling.
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