We got it all wrong, wood shouldn't season more than a year.

swagler85 Posted By swagler85, Dec 31, 2012 at 8:00 AM

  1. nate379

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    I sold about 25ish cords this summer, I think was only 1, maybe 2 customers that were using that wood for next year. Everyone else was buying for this winter.
  2. Freakingstang

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    Dec 30, 2012
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    growing up, we had a huge country comfort double door stove in the living room of our A frame. it was our only source of heat for a 2800 sq/ft home and it was burning from oct through march. most years was right at 5.5 cord, a couple years was lighter, some was just over 6. We would cut wood for the following year. There were a couple years I remember my father ordering a semi sized load of wood that took us all weekend to stack. When i was selling 30-40 cord a year
    (5-6 years ago) more than half of the people were burning it that year. I would tell them that the wood I had, was cut and split at least 11-14 months ago and most were estatic about it being seasoned that long. my biggest year was 42 cord, and delivering all that by just myself was a job in itself.

    now that I have been out of the wood relm for about 3 years and just bought a house, I can't find "seasoned" wood to save my butt. I for one hate paying for wood period, but buying green wood is NOT going to happen.
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    I have an arborist friend who also sells some wood. I bought from him before I caught the scrounging bug. He insists that even Oak does not need to be seasoned. He told me just the other day that he tosses chunks of green Red Oak in his stove and it burns just fine. I just smiled and told him that I prefer my Oak about 3 years old. I think we simply agreed to disagree. While I don't agree with his wood burning, he and his partner run a great business and do excellent work at a fair price. He also delivered nice sized greenish cords for $150. I imagine he'd give me a better deal if I bought four cords. I'd just have to buy it two years before I burn it.
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