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    We recently purchased (in the last year) a new Catalytic Blaze King wood stove. We also had built a two story new masonry chimney. We have been using bone dry wood (alder/fir mix) and have had a serious problem with water (mixed with a bit of creosote) leaking down the brick face from where the pipe enters it. (lots of water). Also, there is an excess of water in our chimney, such that it is leaching out of the chimney right through our sealant and leaving creosote stains. We have only been using this new system for six weeks. The dealer tells us we need to burn hotter and need a chimney cap, but we are already up to six hours per burn when the specs say we should be able to crank it down to 24 hours. The more we burn, the more water we get (cups of it) Any ideas? This is an outside chimney, but we suspect the problem is with the stove as the water is present in the house and can be heard sizzling in the stove pipes. (the wood is at least four years old and stored indoors) Help!


    Yes, the problem is that the chimney is too cold, and the gases are condensing in the chimney. Since seasoned wood is still 25% water by weight, this can cause problems.

    The only real solution would be to install a liner in the chimney. This would keep the flue gases warm unit they exited the chimney. More information on chimney liners can be found at https://www.hearth.com/prod.html
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