Wet ash?

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Aug 19, 2020
I believe i have a decent amount of dead ash I have collected over the past 6 months. What im confused about is how heavy the wood still is and how a lot of the splits seem to have wet spots where it looks like water is just flowing to the surface.

Is this normal for ash because I've never noticed this with any other type of wood?

Hopefully you can see what I'm referring to in the pic below and the dark stripe down the middle.

I'm kind of shocked how much water is left and how heavy the splits still are. I thought ash had a low moisture content and dried quickly?

Just seeing if this normal....


Ash can be ready after 1 summer, but it's much better after 2. It can be quite wet when freshly cut but seasons pretty quick. I've had dead standing ash not register on the moisture meter meaning over 50%. I keep anything under 6-7" as rounds and definitely give them 2 years.

Your splits look like they may be just a little past prime, but not too bad. Get them top covered if you can to keep the surface moisture off which allows the cellular moisture to migrate out better. Only let the sides hang down 6-12".
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