What are my rear vented, hearth-mounted options?

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Sep 29, 2023
Hi all,

New here.

Looking for input on compact, rear-vented wood stove options for our hearth extension. A hearth-mounted stove would be ideal, but these don’t appear to be manufactured anymore, at least based on my research.

Unfortunately our prefab is missing a floor panel (yes, meaning the existing gas insert is not safe or code compliant) and the part is unavailable, so unfortunately another insert isn’t an option.

Hearth extension is approximately 24” deep and existing prefab opening/lintel is no more than 21” high, so rear vent exit on proposed unit needs to be quite low.

Are we totally out of luck here? Our budget is ~10k and we’d ideally like to utilize existing fireplace area for venting and aesthetics rather than installing freestanding unit elsewhere.

Please see attached picture for reference - more to come later.


What are my rear vented, hearth-mounted options?
If this is a gas zero clearance fireplace the venting may not work for a wood stove, especially if it is less than 8" ID.
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It is a zero clearance wood-burning fireplace with a gas insert currently. The former owners at least put the appropriate liner in for that, but realize the whole flue will need to be re-lined to accommodate wood stove. Also, I do believe the existing pipe is 8”
I don't know of any rear-vent wood stove with a flue collar that low.
Is the hearth raised or at floor level? What is the make and model of the ZC unit?
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Sorry, the B1043 is a valid model but I couldn't find a manual for it, just glass door kits. I was looking to see if an insert could be put in there.
21” is pretty low and as @begreen stated, you may be out of luck as he would know. There are some stoves that have short leg options and not all are well known about, Jotul and Woodstock have them for some stoves but none I think make it to 21”.