what is the longevity of my Tarm solo plus 40?

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what is the longevity of my Tarm solo plus 40. I've had it now for 20 years and it still works good with the 806 gallons of storage. I have replaced the insert, ceramic chamber, and a circulator pump. open storage tank has EPDM liner with no leaks yet. thanks
Glad to know it will last at least 20 years. Mine has provided 15 years of heat mostly trouble free. I too have replaced the insert ceramic chamber, and last winter a small leak developed coming from the steel plate covering the fire tubes. Got a new gasket and installed it last summer and now all is well.
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I dont know. However, in a few months I will shut down my EKO 25 and that will finish my 13th year. I had a controller go out about 7 yrs ago . The new one was $500 and now it needs to go back cause it thinks it is over heating . I had the same fitting leak twice now, and of course it is the one you can hardly get at. I had the ceramic part go out that is between the top and bottom chamber. The total repairs were about $900 in 13 yrs.