What is this part called? Harman Invincible T

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Apr 5, 2020
I have had this invincible T for years, it came with the house and I’ve replaced parts as needed to keep it running.

There is a 2” wide piece of metal that runs across the top of the burn chamber behind the top of the door. While cleaning the stove recently I found some flaking bits of metal that appear to be coming off this strip of metal. There also appears to be a 4” piece of this metal missing. I have no idea when this piece of metal came off or if it has been like this for the entire 19 years I’ve owned it. I thought it was an intentional gap for removing the baffles or something, but after looking at pictures of other Invincible Ts, I realize there is not supposed to be a gap.

Is this a deflector to help protect the flames from touching the glass? Should I drill a few holes in what’s left of it and bolt on a Piece of steel over it to cover the gap? I assume there isn’t a replacement part I could buy for this ancient stove. What are the risks of continuing using it as is? Thanks