What is your favorite stove door gasket & glue

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Trevor Tahclep

Burning Hunk
Oct 13, 2020
Quebec, Canada
Out of curiosity and hoping to purchase the best door gasket and glue available out there what is your favorite or personal choice ?

Normally I buy 5/8'' gasket from the dealer off his bulk roll and he always sells me a red or black silicone tube to go with it which is a real biatch to remove when the time comes, this stuff welds itself in to the channel.
RTV, red or black.
I like Rutland gaskets, you can buy many better sizes on the website than at the hardware store. And I use rutland ezspread gasket cement in my shop for customer stoves. Works great.
I replaced my door gasket yesterday. I used the red silicone sealer that SBI sent with the gasket. Under the old gasket was a bead of red silicone; I believe it is the same as what they sent me. It came of very easy with a wire brush attached to an angle grinder. Got it clean down to the 'shine'. It was much easier than the cement type sealer on a previous stove door gasket that I replaced.

What is your favorite stove door gasket & glue