What to look for when buying a used saw

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    This question comes up often. I had posted this a while ago in the middle of another thread where it got lost.

    The list below is not mine and was pirated from others. It is a good guide. I like to see compression around 150 though.

    Hope this helps some folks out and the title of the thread should make it easier to find when new members are looking for advice when checking out a used saw.

    A rusty muffler is generally a sign of wear
    Check for cracks in housing
    Check for damage to bar mounting studs
    Is the chain tensioner ok?
    Does the sprocket show signs of wear and tear?
    Look for mismatched fasterners and washes, indicating possible stripped threads
    Are all fly-wheel fins in place?
    Any broken or torn bits in suspension?

    Check that fuel and air filters are in good shape. Lousy filters are a sign of poor maintenance

    Take out the spark plug and check that there is a strong spark

    Remove the chain and check that the crank bearings do not have excessive play

    Remove muffler to inspect that piston/cylinder do not have scoring

    If you can measure it, it should be 120 psi or better
    If not, hold the saw in the start handle to test compression
    Check compression also when warm

    Check that the clutch is not slipping
    Check that the chain does not spin at idle
    Check that the chain brake functions
    Check that the saw idles and accelerates well
    On idle, check that the crank seals/bearings are ok by shifting the saw to left and right side. The saw should not change rpm
    If possible, use it for two hour's hard cut
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