Midwest (OH, IL, IN, WI, MI, IA) Whats available this year.

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Oct 30, 2014
For the last month I have already been looking to see what people are going to sell, so far this is what I have found.

TSC, I called 9 stores. some stores have different brands, pro pellet, indeck, and Michigan wood fuels. $239 ton.

Family farm and home has pro pellets at $225 ton. manager said there hoping to get a softwood pellet in at some point.

local menards has magic spark, I think those are also made by pro pellet and american wood fuels preuime hard wood at $5.49 a bag. <>

checking to see what everyone has found so far this year?


Minister of Fire
Nov 2, 2014
Hudson Valley NY
Well here in ny. Same junk ive come across everything you mentioned plus green supremes and stove chow. Also a lot of freedom fuel also. Dont feel bad
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