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sandman460 Posted By sandman460, Oct 7, 2008 at 11:36 PM

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  1. sandman460

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    I'm about at my wit's end trying to figure out where to put this stove. Ok, here’s my layout. The dashed line is the area with the cathedral ceiling. The DR, Kitch, LR, BR, all have 8 foot ceilings. The stairway is open, and the area above the stairway in the drawing is the kitchen - it is open to the DR separated by a island. I was thinking of locating the stove in the LR, but I’m afraid it will get too hot in there. I then thought we could put the stove in the room with the cathedral ceiling in the upper left corner as shown, but I’m afraid the heat will get trapped in there. We do have ceiling fans in all the rooms, which according to other posts helps greatly. I just don’t want to trap the heat in the cathedral ceiling room and not be able to get it througout the house. Our floorplan is very open though, so maybe it’s not a problem.

    The dining room (DR) doesn't really have any good exterior walls to put the stove on, nor do I have room on the second floor to run the vent upward through the first floor ceiling.

    Cathedral ceiling room or living room? For what it's worth, we spend more time in the living room, but in the winter the cathedral ceiling room is the coldest area of the house (it's on the east side of the house, the left side of my layout is north).


    Thanks in advance,

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    we see nothing but writing. I would put the stove in the LR thats where you will spend most of your time.

    edit::::Okay now i see the pdf
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