Where to get PE Super/T5 baffle gaskets online with reasonable shipping costs?

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Feeling the Heat
Nov 5, 2018
California redwood coast
I'm wanting to stock up on some baffle gaskets in advance for my Pacific Energy T5. My nearest PE dealer is very inconvenient in many ways, so I'm hoping to do online. "Stove & Grill Parts for Less" has them for $5 each, but then shipping is over $11 for a single gasket. (I have no need to meet the $99 free shipping offer.) The other place that I can find them is in Canada, Friendly Fires (5 for $16), but then shipping is $32. If the gaskets were large, I'd understand the shipping fees, but I think a single one could be shipped in something as simple as letter envelope, thus my resistance. Anybody know of a place to order the baffle gaskets online with decent price & shipping rates?

The other option would be to learn how to make Hogwildz' homemade gasket.

Thanks in advance.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Buy a bunch of gaskets to reduce the shipping cost. If you buy five then it's just $2.20 added to the per gasket cost. Or make your own. It's easy and durable. Use some 3/8" gasket rope. Measure the perimeter of the secondary tube and add about 4". This will be the cut length of the gasket rope. Unravel about 2" off each end of the rope. Tie the two ends of the rope together by knotting one strand at a time to create a loop. Trim excess strand ends. Slip it over the secondary tube. Put back the baffle. Slip in the baffle pin.