Which Stihl for my dad?

fabsroman Posted By fabsroman, Jan 4, 2013 at 10:31 PM

  1. Thistle

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    Most of the wood chisels/gouges,planes,auger bits & other tools I use almost daily are between 80 & 130+ yrs old now.Most of them I've owned 20+ yrs & have already outlived several generations of previous owners.I expect they'll outlast me long as they're not abused & well maintained.

    Quality is worth every bit you spend on it.You get what you pay for.
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    So what ever happened here, what did you end up doing for him, can't seem to find the end to this story?
  3. fabsroman

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    Jun 1, 2011
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    Nothing has happened yet. He stubbed his toe pretty good and has been out of commission for weeks. So, we have not done any wood cutting or splitting since the end of December. Since Xmas, I have only seen him once and that was last week. We did not even talk about saws, etc. with him limping around. My sisters had baby girls in November, as did my wife, and my mom has been helping them out a lot. Since my mom does not drive, that means my dad is going with her under duress. So, I have not been seeing or talking to him as much as I used to.

    Think I am going to go with my 261 and 362 plan. I'll let him use both when we start cutting in late April, early May and tell him he can take whichever he likes home with him. Thing is, he will probably decline to take any since he will almost never be cutting without me. I got a lecture from him a couple weeks ago about how unsafe it is to cut alone, and my mom does not want him out cutting alone either. On top of that, his only wood supply has been lost. The lessor of the farm passed away in the fall and my dad does not know the new lessor (just found out about this when he visited last week). So, looks like my contacts and Craigslist scrounges will be the main source. Going to try to get a couple more sources in order after tax season. I'll have to see how it all goes, but really think the 261/362 plan is the way I am going to go.
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