Whitfield Advantage III questions.

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New Member
Dec 3, 2017
New Hampshire
Hey guys,

I have an all original (aside from the 13 bar ultragrate) Whitfield Advantage III insert. Not sure on the year, or really that it's all original (I bought it used) but it seems to be and it works well. My main issue with it is heat output on certain settings. I normally run the stove on the 2 or 3 setting. I have a fairly large house and i'm starting to notice a huge difference between the settings of 2 and 3, as weird as that sounds. Is there anyway to adjust that at all? When I run the stove on 2 overnight it only keeps the house around 60 degrees, but if I run it on 3 it keeps it warmer (67-68 but seems to eat significantly more pellets. I know this sounds like a strange issue, and it might be completely normal, it just seems like a fairly large difference. Running the stove on 2 I get a very small amount of flame, maybe an inch or two tall if that. On the 3 setting I get a much taller flame consistently. Will the hidden auger trim adjustments change that at all, or is that only an adjustment that takes effect on the lowest setting? Any other suggestions? I believe I have the damper fairly well dialed and the stove is kept very clean.
I think you are just on that edge of difference between the two settings. I believe that stove has 5 heat levels? From 2 to 3, it would jump about a pound to a pound and a half more pellet consumption per hour, so over 24 hours that's a bit more. On the control board, I think you can adjust the feed rate down 10% or up to 10% more. That might make a small difference but prob not enough to keep it at say 64-65 degrees.....
Thanks for the reply. I may give that a shot. I read somewhere that the auger trim only has an effect on the lowest setting. Do you know if that is true or not? I suppose it's worth a shot anyway, just curious.
Man so many stoves out there- you may be right that the adjustment is only on low setting,,,,,
Just wanted to give an update. On the 2 Setting that Auger trim makes a HUGE difference. I can get it to throw enough pellets to empty the hopper in 12 hours with just that adjustment. It's definitely more than a 10% difference. Currently have it turned up just enough to stay roughly 20 hours per bag. A nice in-between the factory 2 and 3 setting. Gives off way more heat now.