Whitfield Profile 30 INS Won't Light

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New Member
Jan 9, 2021
West Milford, NJ 07480
Happy New Year everyone!

I have a Whitfield Profile 30 INS. Over the years it has become harder and harder to find someone to work on the Whitfield stoves since the company has passed hands a couple of times and now appear to be out of existence in terms of support.

This past week I ran into a problem where the stove would feed the pellets, you could hear a blower running but I think it was just the air that circulates to get heated and put back into the room.

I watched a video on testing the Ohms on the starter but I can't even figure out how to open this up.

I don't know where to begin with trying to fix this. I would also love to know how to clean these myself but have been unable to find any videos. (or if you know someone in northern NJ who works on these, I would appreciate you weighing in also.

Many thanks!