Whitfield Quest parts breakdown.

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Dec 8, 2020
Picked up a Quest stove recently and need to prep for next year. Can't locate any info on the base construction and the gaskets. The base is very flexible, to the point that the pan doesn't like to slide in-out. Doesn't appear to have been welded but i'm not seeing much else to hold it square. Also, does the drawer really supose to have a gasket? Looks like it would allow more air to the burner without it. Any pics on a properly installed gasket for the door? This ones pretty beat up. Any advice would be appreciated.
On my Quest there is a gasket on top of the pan. That said I don’t think the gasket seals the air I think it just keeps the ash in the pan. In terms of the base I haven’t looked at it closely to determine how it stays together.

the Quest is a very simple stove to maintain. All of the parts I have needed are readily available. Note this stove does benefit greatly from the leaf blower cleaning method. There are two exhaust passages that you cannot reach with a vacuum.

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I had a similar problem on my 26 y/o Quadrafire Classic Bay CB1200 where the frame was bent and the ash pane would not slide in and out. Harbor Freight had a hydraulic frame repair kit but I used my Red Neck Hydraulic straightener that I made fit by removing the front wheels! LOL
See pics here: