Whitfield Quest Plus Control Board

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New Member
Feb 23, 2023
Eastern Shore MD
Have a Quest Plus WP4 free standing pellet stove. Power button on the control board is failing. Have to push momentary switch multiple times for it to turn on. I'm sure that soon or later, it just wont turn on. Local repair guy told me that when the control board fails it is discontinued, and the whole unit would need to be replaced. Turn to google and find this:

Looks the same but different face color. Under compatible models, they list the Quest Plus WP4. I message into their sales help email to verify fits my model. Response is that as long as manufactured before 1999 it will work. But when ask any other distributor about same part number they say definitely won't work.

Don't want to gamble $500 on it working or not, definitely don't want to have to purchase a complete stove. Can anyone confirm that this will or will not work in my stove? Also, any other suggestions or solutions?


Mar 8, 2012
Western Maine

I have used that company for parts for my Quest and had no issues with them. They are somewhat local to me; if you consider Maine and Massachusett local.

I have an old note I took several years ago. This firm firm is or was able to repair the older control boards. I have never used them or if they are still in business. I believe i created this note from a post someone made on this site.

You can get your control panel fixed by this person. E-mail him and tell him what happened. You would have to check that auger. Something blew the fuse and with you just replacing the auger.. something is up.

(Heatwave Electronics. (heatwaveelectronics@gmail.com ) 530-820-3700

there is also someone based in New Hampshirite that repairs older stoves. He made have a lead as well. I believe Don2222 is his username.

Good Luck