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QandA Posted By QandA, Dec 14, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    Looking for help in solving a problem with a 2-year old Whitfield Quest Plus pellet stove. Late this past winter season, the stove would make a loud squeek each time the auger was running. The noise would gradually diminish and then go away once the stove was running for a while.Is there a belt involved in spinning the auger? If so, can I assume that either the belt needs replacement/adjustment or that the auger is facing more resistance to turning than normal? Is this easy to fix?Thank you.


    There is no belt to adjust. This stove uses a direct drive gear motor. What that means is that the gear motor is connected directly to the auger shaft. The auger shaft is counter bored and the shaft from the gear motor slides into the counter bored end. The gear motor is secured to the auger shaft via a collar and socket head capscrew. (Allen screw) There are bearings on each end of the auger shaft. In 13 years of servicing Whitfield pellet stoves, I have never seen the upper bearing wear out. I have seen the lower bearing wear out, however. Take a look at it. Make sure that it is tight and not turning when the auger shaft turns. If it is lose, replace it. They sell for around $18.00. Good luck!

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