Why does my insert smell like burning hair while running?

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New Member
Dec 21, 2022
Missouri USA
We fired up our newly installed summit wood burning fireplace insert today and about 4 hours into a nice slow burn, I turned off the blower and adjusted the wood, closed the door again and turned the blower back on. I was immediately hit with a strong smell of burning hair and an almost poo-ey smell (no, I didn’t singe my hair). I immediately turned off the blower and the power source to it, just in case, and cracked a window in the room. The smell makes me feel sick. What in the world could it be and when will it stop stinking up the house? We’ve got these -20 to -30 windchill temps coming in the morning and I want this fireplace running but the smell is unbearable.


Staff member
You are most likely smelling the paint cure. I recommend reading the break in procedure in the manual. Each time you get the paint hotter, the paint will cure a bit more. When you turned the blower off the outside of the insert warmed up a bit more and it started to cook the paint a little more.


Burning Hunk
Oct 20, 2013
NW Ohio
Is there an animal (squirrel, chipmunk, mouse, etc...) in the chimney that is now laying against the liner or the stove?
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