Wifi thermostat with swing?


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Dec 8, 2018
Ok, yep, I have been searching for weeks and ended up ordering a Honeywell t-stat. Turns out they don't have a swing setting, I set the deadband to boiler to try and eliminate frequent on and off cycles but sometimes it seems to not care. So I am on the hunt for a good wifi stat that I can adjust the swing setting. Pro1 has 2 stats that are adjustable, the old LUX don't seem to exist anymore and I can't find out if Sensi has a swing setting. Most of the thermostat threads are from the 2012 era so product recommendations aren't very good either. Anyone in the current times have a suggestion?


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Dec 5, 2005
Sand Lake, NY
Is swing setting the same as differential? I can set mine, ecobee, from .5 to 3 degrees. You'd think they'd all have that ability.


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Dec 13, 2018
Western Colorado
Sweet that you got your answer!

If it helps, I'm using a Lux Geo-B hooked up to my Englander 25-PDV


I went with it because a) it works with millivolt appliances b) works with a two wire setup and c) has a programmable swing and minimum run length d) I can use an app to warm my house up when I am gone.

So far it has worked fairly well, but I have learned that I generally only have it programmed to adjust the temperature by one degree due to that fact that I am using my pellet to heat my ranch house. Pretty much that one degree makes my bedroom, which is furthest from the stove go down 3 degrees.

For example: living room is set to 72 degrees, bedroom is 69 degrees. Living room goes down to 71 degree, bedroom moves down to 67 degrees. Living room goes to 70 degrees, bedroom goes down to 63 degree (then I start getting pretty cold).

The neatest thing about it is the graphs. The red shows heat demand on the stove (set to 6) and the line is the temperature. When it isn't red, the stove is idling.



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