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    I am having a new home built and it will be up to building code etc and contain an air/heat exchanger supplying air to all rooms. I'm having a woodstove installed with a fresh air inlet to supply the stove. The stove will be installed on the upper living area of a split-entry home. My question: will the air exchange system transport the heat all through the home on both levels or should I consider having the stove installed in the basement area and then cutting vents into the basement ceiling to allow the heat to get upstairs?


    Keep one basic thought in mind. Hot air rises. It's very difficult to push heated air downwards via a blower system, and have this air still remain hot.

    You best is to put the stove at a lower level, and use louvered registers to allow the heat to rise. The use of a louver will give you the control as how much heat you need and/or want.

    One final thought: If the basement is unfinished, non-insulated, with a bare cement floor, then you must oversize the stove for the application because 40-50% of usable heat will be lost through the non-insulated walls & floor. That's a fact. If the basement is finished, then you are all set. Good luck.
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