Will I be able to have a fire in the open hearth while the stove is burning wood?

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Nov 27, 2023
New York
Considering the drawing of the layout of my first floor, will I be able to run the wood stove and open hearth simultaneously? (the red is the open hearth the purple is the stove) Or will one effect the draft of the other? Once I get the stove install I intend to use it solely for wood burning and plan to not use the open hearth much. However if I want to will there be a drafting issue? FYI the Living room is insulated poorly and has draft single pane windows (home circa 1890). The hall way has exterior doors at ether end which are also drafty. The Kitchen and dining room is newly renovated with blown in insulation and new Andersen windows. Stairs in the hallway are open to the second floor and stairs run under those to the basement which has a door at the bottom.

Will I be able to have a fire in the open hearth while the stove is burning wood?
Possibly, though there is a slight risk of draft reversal if the stove is cooling down and the fireplace fire is roaring. An outside air supply to the woodstove would provide better peace of mind. Regardless, have a CO monitor in the dining room.