Wind power giving electricity and heat to Vinalhaven North Haven

mainemac Posted By mainemac, Apr 4, 2010 at 4:02 PM

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    Vinalhaven North Haven are two beautiful Islands near Rockport Maine.
    Fall of 2009 they set up 3 1.5 MW Windmills (Vote went something like 97-3 in favor)

    They put out more than expected electricity .

    One broke in February but is now running well.
    Some noise issues with neighbors not sure if all neighbors or just a few: GE is working on insulation to dampen the noise.

    Unexpected Good:
    There are times esp in the winter that excess electricity is sold back to the grid.
    The article notes instead they are running a pilot in a few houses to partially heat some homes using off peak cheap electricity to heat ceramic bricks
    made by Steffes

    Anybody here from the Isalnds/Rockport
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