Window outside plastic residue

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Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2019
Long Island NY
So, I had a friend over who warmed the soles of his feet at the fire. Unfortunately he touched the window with his socks. So now I have a spot of an inch by an inch with the brown imprint of the weaving of his socks... Presumably it was some non-natural fiber as it seems to have melted on. It's not thick (I can barely feel it when I move the tip of a stick over it), but it's brown, ugly, and right in the (otherwise clean) middle of the window of the BK.

If you have suggestions of how to get this off, that'd be appreciated!
Ok. No scratches?
I clean the inside bark from my glass with a blade as well. Like a box knife refill.

Use it at a low angle like a scraper. Some lube helps, maybe windex.
The razor blade (once the window was cold) worked well. It had mostly been reduced to powdery carbon (well, it was powdery brown when I scraped it off) and had not diffused into the glass.

Next would have been wd-40 if it had not worked.
Thanks for the suggestions; I was a bit anxious about the nasty plastic burned in on my still new stove...

Happy new year all stove fan(atics)
Happened to my stove. I scraped carefully with a razor blade what I could. It didn’t all come off. I was a bit sad. I stare at for about three days with disappointment. then it’s slowly started to disappear. After two weeks worth of hot fires it was completely gone. Just burned itself off.
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