Winslow Ironstrike P140GL Fire problems

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New Member
Jan 31, 2023
Hi all- I am a renter who's landlord has a Winslow P140GL installed in their unit. I recently had my Landlord replace the igniter in the unit (which had gone bad). But now, a problem persists with the unit overfeeding pellets before a fire can be acheived. I am very confused because the first few times after the replacement the stove worked fine- however it would stop feeding itself after 2-3hrs and shut down. Now when it starts up, it'll ignite but quickly douse out the fire by feeding too many pellets into the burn pot. I read up on this and it said to adjust the draft adjuster, however the booklet gives an awful description and picture of where it is. If anyone else has this stove could they show me where it is with an actual photo?

This stove is the only economical way to heat the apartment- everything else is baseboard heat and electricity costs an arm and leg out here. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help.