witfield WP4 Quest igniter timer issue and shut down issue with a stone cold stove

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New Member
Jul 12, 2023
Brockport, New York
New to here . I Need info on Whitfield WP4 Quest ignitor timer and a question on shut down procedure with a stone cold stove
Thank you in advance

I have tested the igniter by Ohm meter and supplying voltage to it and found it to be good. I presume the timer is bad.
The stove came to me in a basket and I reassembled it. All components seem to be working well with the exception of the igniter. I turned on the stove for testing as well as the auger then turned off the auger. the fans continue to run even though there is no heat from running. Does the timer keep them running for a time anyway even though the stove never fired up and got warm?
I can’t help with the igniter.

Regardless of the temperature of the stove all the fans will continue to run for a set amount of time. If you push the start button and turn the pellet feed on (but don’t light the stove). The burn pot will over flow with pellets until the timer runs out.

The Quest is a very simple stove and is easy to maintain. It does prefer high quality pellets. The stove does benefit from the “leaf blower” cleaning method. There are two passages that are very hard to clean.

When I purchased my Quest new many years ago the dealer did not recommend using the igniter which was an option. They recommended just lighting the stove manually.