Woke up to 13f above


Minister of Fire
Dec 24, 2011
Winter WI
It’s been below freezing up here for a week now and this morning it feels like late December with the chilly temp of 13::F but it’s supposed to warm up later in the week. That’s good since I wasn’t ready for snow that has stayed yet. I’ve had a good 15-20 fires in the stove already so that’s the bright spot of out cool weather. :)


Minister of Fire
Sep 10, 2018
Newport, Wa
Brzzzzz. I had 3f the other day. Today is 20f. Stove kept us warm. Had to run it at 75f (Harmon XXV). Burned 1 Bag of Pellets from when I filled it (10am). Going to be 50f by weekend. We all got together and said "Ship the Cold Back East".