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    I am having a new home built with a masonry fireplace. In an attempt to have a fireplace that looks like one in older homes, I requested that it be made with a fire box opening of 36" high by 42" wide. The brick on the front is to be 56" with a wood mantle over it. The mason does not think this size will work, he feels that smoke might roll out into the room. (He has ordered a 13" clay flue.) Your thoughts please. (I am meeting with the builder and mason tomorrow to finalize the dimensions!) Thanks in advance for any advice.


    Hope I'm not too late....somewhat depends on the height of the chimney and construction of the fire box, damper area and smoke shelf.

    An article on sizing can be found at: https://www.hearth.com/what/chimneysize.html

    These calculations would show that a 13x13 may be a bit small.

    Other good fireplace info at http://www.rumford.com

    Link: Chimney size article
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