Wood fireplace Recommendations

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Dec 12, 2023
Ashland, OR

I am looking for recommendations for wood burning fireplaces for a house we are building. A fireplace contractor recommended me to install fireplace xtrordinair 42 apex or 44 elite, but i have read mixed reviews. We would like the fireplace to heat about 1500sqft. Also, if you own either of those fireplaces the contractor recommended please let me know how you like it.
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They might be a oversized for the house. If the house is decently insulated and tight then a 2 or 2.5 cu ft fireplace will be sufficient. Take a look at RSF and Pacific Energy fireplaces for comparison.
Is the fireplace to heat a 1500 sq ft area or the whole house?
What will the ceiling height be in this area? If normal 8-10' then a smaller fireplace will suffice. If this is a great room with a soaring 20' ceiling then a larger 2.5-3.0 cu ft fireplace would be ok.
Have the 42 apex heating a 2,000 sqft home. Nicely built reliable stove. No real complaints about it. 4th year with this stove and it comfortably heats my whole home without any supplemental heat. I have a two story home with vaulted ceilings that are open to all the upstairs bedrooms allowing the heat to easily travel to the entire home.

The 44 Elite requires the posi pressure system making it not ideal to run in the event of a power failure. 4.2 cubic ft firebox might be over kill for 1,500 sqft heating space too.