Wood flooring over concrete, need help/ideas please.

snow4me Posted By snow4me, Dec 6, 2008 at 2:42 AM

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  1. snow4me

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    Nov 24, 2008
    S/E Michigan
    Hey there fellers, just started here and have a project going on up north. Bought a 12X 20 Bunkhouse for hunting and snowmobiling and am ordering my first wood stove, a Jotul F-100. The place is gutted and I am installing electric right now and then the stove. I am going to use knotty pine on the walls and would like to have some sort of wood flooring, either pergo type stuff or prefinished hard wood. My question is... how should I do it? I was thinking of putting down some clear plastic vapor barrier and then one inch of that blue insulation board and then floor over it. The other thing is, there is one row of cinder block that sticks out from the walls a few inches. I thought of running the vapor barrier on the floor, up the cinder block and stapling it to the sill plate/bottom of wall. Am I way off? Would I have mold problems? Thanks for any insight you may have.

  2. d.n.f.

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    Dec 14, 2007
    Nelson BC
    Just don't put the wood floor on top of the vapour barrier on top of the concrete. You will get big moisture problems and probable floor buckling.
    The insulation idea might work. Someone could probably answer that better than me.

    You can buy a quiky subfloor. It is plastic on the bottom (with bumps so water can drain if you get the picture) and some particle board stuff on top. It is in 2x2 panels that click together. Wooden floor would then be installed on top of it. Can't think of the name but they sell it at Homer's Depot. It will maybe raise your floor an inch???
  3. billb3

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    Dec 14, 2007
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    We just redid two basement bedrooms that were in a spot that was originally a basement under garage.
    The had put plastic and everything rotted. (more likely due to to crappy ( :) ) basement pump up toilet overflowing.)

    New code on basement ceiling height only allowed us to put down the minimum for nailing strips so we glued them to the concrete with closed cell rigid foam between and flooring nailed to the firring strips. Firring strips and rigid foam all glued to the basement walls. (no nails).
    Power wirebrushing the concrete to be clean enough to be sure the glue would stick was the most tedious boring part.
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