Wood furnace ducting question

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Jan 15, 2021
Hello everyone, I’m in the market for a wood furnace before I go on I’ll give you a layout out my house. It’s a cape cod with about 2100sf living space, I have a stick built chimney with double wall insulated SS liner coming through the block wall in the basement located at the end of my house, my propane furnace is located in the center of basement roughly 20 feet from the SS chimney, the main trunk line both supply and return for the propane heater is about 10 feet from where the furnace would be set, since the propane plenum is so far away would it make sense to duct into the end of the existing supply and return? Would this heat my house efficiently? I know I would have to put in a damper of some sort at the propane heater to eliminate black flow. I hope that gives you an understanding on what I’m up against, wish I had a fire place for an insert but I’m working with what I’ve got. Any help with this would be great, thanks guys.


Minister of Fire
Jan 31, 2014
I would go the extra 10’, just tying in anywhere close sounds like something that will come back to haunt you..It’s one of those easy ways out, that don’t end up being that easy..


Minister of Fire
Aug 21, 2013
NE Ohio
Have a drawing of your layout, and what you are proposing?