Wood Gun E100 Stainless Steel Gassifier For Sale

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Comes with built-in Domestic Hot Water coil, powered vent hood, extra center bricks & plug, cyclone ash separator, fire safety damper for the cold air intake, cyclone heat recovery unit, has oil / gas firing tube also.

Unit has 2 seasons use - about 6 to 8 cords burned. This unit is in my basement so it is kept very clean.
It is still in use - can be seen running. Refractory is brand new.

Extra: 1 inch wall, stainless insulated pipe to connect to chimney. Pieces include 3 foot vertical-(24 gauge non insulated), "T" with clean out, about 11 feet horizontal pipe with 2 - 45 degree elbows. complete.

I am using about 3 1/2 cords to heat a 2600 sq/ft house and DHW, house is kept at about 24 - 25 C.
I am located about an hour north-east of Toronto, Canada. It is properly cold here from Nov. to Mar.

I have been heating with wood furnaces for 27 years. Due to health and circumstances it has become necessary
to switch to natural gas.

Paid $9800 new (before taxes and import) - looking for a reasonable offer.

Also extra - I have about 9 cords of properly seasoned Hickory (cut&split) in 23 inch lengths for this furnace.
Wood Gun E100 Stainless Steel Gassifier For Sale
Wood Gun E100 Stainless Steel Gassifier For Sale
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