Wood Haul

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PA Fire Bug

Feeling the Heat
Jan 13, 2010
Blair County, PA
Thanks to frozen ground, I finally had a chance to haul wood that I had cut during the past year. Access to the woods was blocked by a cornfield. The area was wet in the spring and fall. I don't need the wood right now but all of the trees were down, dead, or damaged. Finding space for it is a good problem to have.

I am thankful that the landowner allows me to cut wood on his land. He also lets me use his skid loader and another neighbor lets me use his dump truck. We hauled nine loads a couple of Saturdays ago.
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Minister of Fire
May 26, 2020
Man, lot sizes are very different where you live. It's beautiful country. Here an acre is big! I've managed to cram 8 cords into it so far tho. ::-)