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    I am going to be purchasing a wood insert for a masonry fireplace to be used to heat the home during power outages. I'm not sure which unit to buy. I live in Minnesota and have a walkout rambler. The lower level is 1300 square feet and the main level is 1560 square feet. The fireplace is located in the lower level. The two units I am considering are The larger Avalon model or the Quadra-Fire 5100.

    1) Are these units the right size for my home?
    2) Do you prefer one unit over the other?
    3) The Quadra-fire comes with a standard fan and the Avalon fan is optional. I think I could use a small solar panel and deep cell battery to operate the fan during power outages. Is the fan important or could I get by fine without it?
    4) Would I be able to cook on the top of either of these units?
    5) Both of these units are non-catalytic. Do you prefer a non-catalytic or a catalytic wood insert?


    1. Yes, it's cold in your neck of the woods, you need the larger fire box.
    2. Both are quite nice. I have more personal experience with the Avalon, but both are highly regarded.
    3. The fan is important with these two units since they do not extend too far out on the hearth.
    4. The Avalon has a small ledge which gets quite hot, I'm not sure of the Quad's ledge.
    5. I prefer non-cats in many situations since there can be less future maintenance, however cats often have a longer burn time.
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