Wood/oil running low in my area.

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Feb 23, 2022
Champion, PA
My firewood guy delivered actually seasoned wood to me (first time ever), however he told me he is toward the back of his pile. I suspect the back of his pile is 3-4 seasons long as they just restack and dont rotate the stock because Ive NEVER gotten 'seasoned' wood from this guy. He has tons of green stuff, but he said he doesnt know if it will last through the season as he is delivering wood like crazy to people.

I asked why and he said that firewood is harder to find as people arent doing it anymore or are already out, also oil has been hard to find as well. Which is surprising to me as there are literally like 5 sizable heating oil dealers near me. Maybe it's a surge in demand and they just need to reup and everything will be fine, but I thought Id share that early preparation seems to be wise vs waiting until you need it.
with wood delivery, waiting until you need it is no go anyway - too wet to burn.

Get it delivered, and stack it for the third year...
It's an investment once - buying enough for three years (and setting up the rotating storage). But after that you'll be happier, and you'll only have to buy to replenish what you burn in one year.
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Just about every firewood dealer here is out of wood about this time every year. The few that have wood get to charge a premium. I havnt heard of any oil shortage at all here.
I have wood for the year I think, but around my area heating oil is pushing 6 bucks, and you have to order 100 gals. Min. I have a carpeter friend that hooks me up weekly with a SUV full of kiln dried cut offs. Hes a life saver!
That sounds great! Lucky you. Good friend.

I still would start working on your own dried supply. If you can get free green wood, split it, stack it, cover it. It's money in the bank for the winter after next. Or insurance, in case e.g. road conditions don't allow delivery from your friend.
I have a small load of split logs, they were too wet last year, but now they read around 12%. Im going to cut them down into slabs, like 6 inches thick. And yeah, a friend in need is a friend indeed.....i buy him beer sometimes for helping me so much. He works inn a custom molding department, and they just chip up the waste and landfill it. I will take all they have!
Just the opposite here. I am seeing firewood people advertising on Facebook more than ever. Seems that they have too much wood available. Of course its all just thrown in a pile in the pictures and I guarantee that none of it is seasoned.
I paid $5.79 a gallon the other day. Its just not possible to heat with oil now. I use it only in the morning, and a LITTLE overnight. Im on a small budget, but I make the most with what I do have, and Im thankful for everything I have in life.