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Apr 21, 2011
Kalamazoo Michigan
I need some advice on wood storage. Here i have a hauf hausen. Just a space saver that i built. The next stack is gonna be just a normal stack i think. The hauf hausen was hard work. But any ideas on wood shelter??


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Since you have a fence already
Here is the "Gold Standard" wood shed/dry storage built by Carbon-Liberator
Thread of another one, going in now by Stegman
Both are well thought out & made. & make use of the fence, wood off the ground. One covered & one not (yet)


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Or you can cut some poles, or use something like landscape timbers for stacking the wood on. Some like pallets; I do not like them and don't like the looks of them either. So we just cut some poles and stack the wood on them. We leave the wood uncovered the first summer and then cover the top before the snow flies.

btw JFire, if you do build a shed, you will find that it is still best to stack that wood outdoors in the wind for at least one summer and fall before moving it to the shed. In the shed it does not get the air circulation it needs to dry properly.
If a live tree is cit and split them stacked in a garage compared to the same amount stacked outside, which will dry faster?
Wood will always dry faster outside where the wind and sun can get to it. It is not a good idea at all to put fresh cut wood in a garage. The wood has way to much moisture in it and could cause you some real problems with the garage and with the wood rotten istself.
I stacked mine of landscaping timbers which I set on top of bricks, two high. I wanted to get as much wind under the stack as I could. They next stacks will only be one brick high. The biggest problem I had was the logs were cut and split by different people so they were all sorts of screwy sizes, this caused some lean. I took some slats and bailing twin to sure of the stack to keep from a fall. Over the next couple of years I'll be building a simple lean-to to cover the stacks.
Thanks for all the advice guys. I really appreciate it and ive got some good ideas now. I do have a metal like little lawn shed i was gonna get rid of, but im thinking i can put the seasoned wood in there to keep it out of the elements. I do like the above pics, however my backyard is a little tight. Im a suburbanite, prolly about only 2 of those would work for me. That is a nice setup though Dave. I have a location in the yard away from the house picked out for this storage project, so i guess the battle is partly won.
Maybe you could cut the sides off of the metal shed, or cut off 3/4 of the walls? Then youd have the top covered and good air flow?

I stack my wood on pallets 12x4.
yeah i think i may use pallets and build off that. They may rot after time, but pallets are abundant and can usually get them free.
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