Wood & Sons 23-24 Experiences?

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Jan 24, 2016
Western MA
I've been burning Vermont Pellets for years, but last year I found they were harder to get, so I figured I should test others to see what else burns well in my Quad 1200i.

I ended up picking up four bags each of 7 different brands and burning each one to see how they did. I mostly compared heat and ash. Long story short:
#1 was Northern Warmth Supreme Doug Firs, - super hot, virtually no ash, excellent bags, but at ~$500/ton, there's no way I can justify them.
#2 was Wood & Sons - Very minimal ash, excellent bag quality, not much dust/fines in the bags.
#3 was Vermonts - little more ash than the Wood & Sons, bags aren't as nice, but burned a little hotter.
#4 was Lauzon Northern Max (Cubex) - These were outstanding for hardwood pellets and are easy to find, so I figured they're a great backup plan if I couldn't get #2 or 3. I also loved the fact that there was virtually no dust in the bags.

This year I went all in on Wood & Sons and got 4 tons. I've burned a few bags now and am seeing a pattern. They burn great to start, but after 24 hours, I'll see the flame height getting kind of high - then I shut down the stove and find a massive clinker occupying the bottom of the burn pot. Ash otherwise is super minimal and the glass stays clean, but the clinker is obviously not ideal.

Is anyone else seeing the same thing? I didn't have this experience with these pellets last year! From what I'm reading, it probably isn't a stove issue and is caused by dirt or other contaminants in the pellets.
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I Bought wood and sons this year as well, for me the price of the Vermonts I had been buying was too high. I have not tried the wood and sons yet but will try to burn a few bags this week and report back!
I am now thinking this may be the result of a weak combustion blower. I ran it on medium to test that theory and I did not get a clinker then.
I have burned about 7 bags of Wood & Sons so far this year and haven't seen any clinkers. They've been my go-to pellet for the past two years. Low ash and good heat. I do find that the pellet slide in my Harman insert does get clogged up about once per winter and I have to pull the stove and clean out the fines.
we have had mild temps the last couple weeks, but I finally got through two bags of pellets. No issues with clinkers. Hopefully your issue is solved!
New exhaust blower comes today. I plan to swap it out and do another cleaning, then I'll see where I'm at. It does seem like the stove is short on air - I have the feed gate closed as much as it can be and it still seems to be a little rich.
I swapped the blower and housing and it's definitely better. I get a little solid stuff, but nothing like before - and that might just be because I haven't spent time properly adjusting the feed rate again yet.

The old housing was rough - really rusted and the gasket was barely there, so that wasn't helping things either.