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    I've been fortunate to hook up with a couple of tree services that are happy to dump some trees in my driveway for a nominal delivery charge. I suppose I'm one of the few in my area that are willing to cut, split, stack, and season firewood myself.

    Anyhow, I've been slow-but-surely cutting and splitting the wood, so that I have plenty for next season when I'll get my new stove.

    Will the wood I'm stacking now be ready to burn by next winter? There's quite a bit of white oak, and I've heard that it takes a long time for it to dry thoroughly. Is it worthwhile to build a shed to keep rain and snow off the wood? When I was a kid, my dad and I left wood uncovered for a couple of years, and it was fine to burn. Or should I figure on using this wood the year after next, and buy seasoned firewood for next year?


    Plenty of time for the oak to season for next year's burn. It is worth the effort to build a wood shed (many simple, cheap designs online or in the library) for storage, ease of loading the stove, and keeping the wood in a compact, weather-proof shelter. For years we split and left a conical pile to season until early fall. Then stacked in a wood shed for the winter. Tarps are messy getting snow off into your neck (always !), blow around, and trap moisture in your wood supply. Best solution: build a woodshed onto your home near the stove. Concrete or PT slab with a full or partial door for access into the house yet open on one side for stacking. No "code" or architect needed. Good luck.
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