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    bought a jotul series 3 stove it has thin plates that make up fire box inside. the back cracked and eventually open a big hole until a piece broke off. there is a damper plate that goes across the top of the fire. that holds the back piece in place. that piece also damaged. new pieces ordered. ii now run the stove without these pieces and it works great.you can get bigger pieces of wood in it. it heats the house fine.the other way the fire had hard time getting started seemed like that top plate was smothering the fire . the problem now is the stove isn't very efficient burns more than twice what it use to.it has a catalytic.converter in it. but it does not have damper on stove pipe. also have vacu stack on top of chimney to stop down draft problem.maybe i need bigger stove maybe damper but I'm told you don't need with catalytic. converter.please advise would greatly appreciate it


    The plates you refer to are the firebox liners and the baffle. These protect the outside of the stove...and the baffle also provides a longer path for the smoke to take on it's way up the chimney...and therefore more efficiency.It is a very small stove....it does sound like you may need a bigger one...A damper on the stove pipe will not do you too much good.
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