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    I am having a hard time determining if I want to purchase a wood or pellet fireplace insert. I have 2800 square foot home that I would like to heat with the insert. I understand that a pellet stove burns more efficiently, it less messy, and very easy to maintain. However, I do not want to loose the "aesthetics" that a burning log gives off.

    My heating bills average about $200/mo. ( I live in California ).

    What key factors should I consider when faced with this decision? Recommendations?


    Prices of the different fuels. Find out more at http://chi.hearth.com/addcalc.html

    Also, does the electric go out? If so, consider that a Pellet Stove needs power. Do you have cheap or free access to wood fuel? Some Pellet stoves have better looking flames than others, so be sure to see a burning model before you buy.

    Link: Fuel Cost Calculator
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