Woodstove install advice into manufactured fireplace

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New Member
Dec 15, 2021
Central NY
I have an existing what I think is called a Martin Industries manufactured fireplace. Two sided. The potential installer said it looked barely used, the stovepipe still shiny inside. Looks the same on the other side.


I want to install a woodstove into the fireplace. The potential installer said that all that is needed is to install a liner within the existing chimney, which is galvanized probably from when the house was built in '93. He said no insulation as the air gap will provide great insulation, and that there is already an air gap so it would be a double air gap. I don't know what this means but took his word and understanding. He's been by far the most professional person that I've dealt with.

Does this sound right to you all? I'm skeptical since it sounds so simple and I have not heard of anyone else doing it. Is it safe and a good solution?

He quoted $2600-$2800 to install the liner and connect the stove (new Woodstock Progress Hybrid) with a rear vent. This seems high to me. The chimney is maybe 36 ft max, so 9 48" rigid liner sections comes to about $1400 but probably a bit less. There will probably be some parts to connect to the stove but should be minimal I assume. How does this sound for a price?

Lastly, are there any concerns regarding heat dissipation from heat from the stove pipe getting caught in the manufactured fireplace? Another installer who came and took a look wanted to create some elaborate heat dissipator with lots of fins as he was concerned. You can see the front is just sheet metal.

Thanks for any thoughts.
Does the fireplace manual permit or prohibit an insert being installed?
It's hard to say for sure, but the manual for the SA36/SC36 explicitly prohibits installing an insert in those fireplaces.
Thanks BeGreen for finding that, I somehow missed it. Is a woodstove different than an insert though? Or are you referring to adding a liner?

To add a woodstove to that space, would it be best to remove the manufactured fireplace? What kind of options are there?
@begreen where did you see that in the manual? Also, I'm confused as to why you have been using the word 'insert'.

I'm planning to have only single wall stovepipe going into the manufactured fireplace. The stove will have the correct clearances in front of the fireplace on the floor. I assumed since it is capable of handling burning logs it could handle some stovepipe. Similar with the chimney. What am I missing?

I think I might be confused also because of the price, but maybe that's how much it costs?
It's on page 3.
Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 9.39.20 AM.png

A stove with no legs and a convective outer jacket designed to go into (insert) into a fireplace is called an insert.

If the intent is to put a rear-vented freestanding stove in front of the fireplace that has an insulated liner running up inside the fireplaces flue, then that may be possible as long as all clearances and hearth requirements are honored. However, it must be blessed by Martin (in writing) according to this language.