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    I have recently purchased a Vermont Castings Intrepid II for installation on the main floor of my log home. I am relying upon the installer (also the owner of the woodstove store) to ensure that the woodstove is installed to code. He has already spoken to the local inspector to find out what our specs are here (i am writing from Canada, where rules vary by municipality). I am told i definitely need a hearth pad. No mention has been made of wall shields and i'm a little concerned since i have a log house and according to the manufactures specs a corner installation requires at least 12" clearance from wall (at sides), with a rear heat shield. I think we are using double pipe (but not sure) and the chimney must go through to the 2nd floor, then the attic then the roof. The 2nd floor/ceiling are one in the same i.e. 1.5" tongue and groove pine. The entire length of the chimney from the stove will be about 20'. Are wall shields recommended in this application and/or shield for the 2nd floor (=1st floor ceiling) since they are made out of wood? Thanks for your help.


    Vermont Castings clearly states the Canadian specs in their manual and planning template. You do need a good hearth underneath virtually all stoves including yours. As to the wall protection, there are many options which are spelled out in the literature depending on such factors as:

    1. Corner or flat wall

    2. Rear heat shields

    3. pipe heat shield

    4. Double wall pipe

    5. Pipe out thru wall or through ceiling

    To my knowledge, ceiling shields are not usually required. The support for the class A insulated chimney usually contain an integral round or square ceiling shield.
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