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    Hi, I'm looking for a small wood burning stove that also includes a small grill to broil my food on. I'm not seeking anything large, as I only desire to cook for my wife and myself. I am a retired Chef of 25 years and reside in the mountains at the 5500 ft level. I have a large selection of types of wood available to use and they currently work well in my smoker. Thank You in advance


    hmmm. I don't know that any stove is designed to broil directly on. A canadian company named Heartland makes wood cookstoves with machined tops, but they are still made to set a pan on. You might have to settle for putting a cast grill on top of a woodstove. Look at the Jotul 602 at https://www.hearth.com/jotul. It has a cookplate built into the top, and is small.

    Also, look at the Rais Stoves at http://www.raiswittus.com/ - I think some have cooktops and/or ovens

    Link: Rais Stoves

    Link: Jotul Stoves
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