Would this be considered taking it too far..... wood related

babalu87 Posted By babalu87, Dec 6, 2005 at 5:05 PM

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    I got the cheapo one from Harbor Freight on sale for twenty bucks this year. Tested it against my carpenter neighbor's mega-bucks unit and they pretty much measured the same moisture content. With the pin type, since you can't hammer the pins into hardwood, you have to cut a split in half just before measuring.

    I needed it because problems preluded me getting some of this tornado downed white oak onto the woodpile this year. Since a lot had been held off the ground by either limbs are landing on another tree I needed to know which trees were the driest before I hauled out the saw. Knowing which trees were getting close to twenty percent before I cut let me get a burnable woodpile done late in the summer since the woodshed is a windtunnel. Average for the pile now is sixteen to eighteen percent.
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