XXV Feed problems, continued.

Corie Posted By Corie, Oct 27, 2006 at 4:10 AM

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  1. Corie

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    Nov 18, 2005
    Halifax, VA
    Same people as my previous post, slightly different problem. Turns out, they hadn't cleaned the stove after 5 tons of pellets and after a total cleaning, the bridging or lack of pellet feeding is solved.

    However, sometimes the homeowner says that on Stove Temperature mode, auto ignition, the stove will not feed pellets and the stove will not ignite itself. After the 36 minute period, the stove gives up, as it should and blinks the failed ignition light.

    The only way she can get the stove to light when this happens, is to manually throw pellets in the burnpot. Then the ignitor will light those pellets and everything goes as planned.

    I am thinking that the problem is the low draft indicator. If the lowdraft voltage was adjusted incorrectly, or not adjusted at all (more likely) its possible for it to cause the situation described above, correct?

    I think they may have done a self install, because there are a few other questionable parts of the installation in my opinion. The vent is straight up, through the roof, but does not terminate more than 12" above the roof line, as it should per the manual.
  2. GVA

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    Sep 4, 2006
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    Correct I would say that once pellets are lit the heat would increase the draft allowing the stove to run but only if the pellets are lit manually at least on the advance. Because if the low pressure switch is open the ignitor and feed motor neutral connection is broken ( i'll have to look up wiring diagram on the xxv to see if it is the same)
    5 tons and no cleaning wow :bug:
  3. HarryBack

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    Dec 27, 2005
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    hmmm...stove temp mode.....
    well, except for the initial ignition of the pellets in stove temp mode, the stove should keep a constant fire...it wont go out due to how the stove temp mode actually works...keeps a constant exhaust temp. The only time a stove will turn itself on and off is running in room temp mode.

    When the combustion motor runs, it created negative pressure in the firebox, which in turn closes the vac switch, energizing the circuit to the feed motor. I dont think its the low draft adjustment...although this can make somewhat of a difference4, it doesnt make THAT much of one...you are only slightly varying the voltage to the combustion fan by messing with that potentiometer. Id be really curious to see what a DDM hooked up to that machine would tell us. Im thinking ESP probe myself.
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