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Country Lady Posted By Country Lady, Oct 3, 2011 at 1:38 AM

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  1. Country Lady

    Country Lady
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    Jan 20, 2007
    I know this is a little off topic, but I'm hoping to get some much needed advice from some of you that have lots of experience. When we moved here and built our house 10 years ago, I wanted to keep trees around our house for shade. Yes, I know.....a stupid idea. Anyway, after seeing what a hurricane and tornadoes can do, we feel we really need to get the tall trees away from the house. We had an experienced pulpwood hauler remove some trees a few years ago. He had a guy helping him who would climb a ladder and hook a chain to the tree, then to a John Deere tractor. When he cut the tree, it always fell exactly where he intended. Now the problem, he had no insurance. We took our chances. Now, when contacting timber companies, who are insured, they want more timber than we have around our house and our daughter's mobile home to make it worth their time bringing their equipment out here. You guys who are experienced at felling trees, what would be your advice about using a good experienced pulpwood hauler, with no insurance. Our homeowner's insurance won't pay under these circumstances. BTW, we'd get lots of tops and limbs for firewood from this.
  2. Wood Duck

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    I would personally leave the trees in place, unless there was a weakened or damaged tree. Trees provide a lot of cool shade in the summer and reduce the cost of cooling the place. For me, the shade is worth the small risk of a tree falling on my house, although I admit I have never actually had a tree fall on my house and if I had I might feel differently.

    I certainly wouldn't have an uninsured company remove the trees because of the risk of damage that I would have to pay for. Around here you can have a tree dropped by an insured tree surgeon for a couple hundred dollars, and you keep the wood. I'd find somebody insured and have them drop the tree, then cut it for firewood.
  3. My Oslo heats my home

    My Oslo heats my home
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    Sep 20, 2010
    South Shore, MA
    Same idea here in MA. The tree companies are almost all insured and they will price work like yours 2 different ways, taking the wood and leaving it.
    I like your idea of considering taking down some trees near the house but in a case like this if the trees are fairly close together they may actually ne safer that way, protecting themselves in a group. I'm far from being an expert, let some of these timber fellas ring in.
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