Country Comfort Wood Stoves

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  • A popular brand of stoves - made in the 1980's to approx 1996.

    More info to come - but this tidbit from a member 2011:
    Hi, I have a 1985 Country Comfort 815 and have located owner's manuals, its a fine product and its UL listed.
    it seems there are some optional pieces, such as the optional heat sheild- that really might not be optional by today's standards.
    anyone owning / considering a country comfort woodstove and needs parts, might want to get in touch with them.
    [ B and G Woodstove ] in Canton, Ohio - (330) 492-7800 ask for susan.
    I promised I would mention that they have country comfort parts and manuals for a good portion of the country comfort woodstove product line.
    please post this very helpful american company heartland company - which has purchased the entire parts inventory from C.C. Follansbe Steel.

    Orville Products of Ohio was the last known manufacturer of this brand - Orville was a large fabricator who made truck bodies and other sheet metal products.

    Some pics of the Country Comfort Models below:

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